Addressing The Root Cause of Oral Dysfunctions

Functional Oral Health From Birth to Beyond

We are ready to welcome you into our graceful sanctuary. Functional oral health is about to take off.

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At The Myofunctional Centre, we have incredibly experienced health practitioners, providing the highest quality of orofacial myofunctional care from birth to beyond!

We help kids achieve optimal functional health. An oral health care model which pays close attention to the function of the muscles of the face and jaws, particularly the tongue.

Would you like to educate and empower your children with health? Then come along and take-off with us!

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Your Concerns

Narrow jaws, High palate and Crooked teeth

We can fix crooked teeth by correcting orofacial myodysfunctions in 4 step process.

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Mouth Breathing

As part of orofacial myofunctional pre-orthodontic therapy, establishing nasal breathing is crucial.

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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Disrupted sleep patterns due to airway obstruction, leading to snoring, breathing pauses, and potential health risks.

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Feeding Difficulties

One common cause of breast feeding difficulties is “restricted oral tissue”, or more commonly known as “tongue tie”, or “lip tie”.

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Jaw Joint Issues

Jaw joint issues, or TMJ disorders, result in pain and limited movement of the jaw.

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Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

Tongue tie and lip tie are conditions causing restricted tongue or lip movement, leading to feeding and speech difficulties.

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What We Do


Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

MyoMunchee, Myospots, Myobrace and Healthy Start


Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Solutions


Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Management

Jaw Joint (TMJ) Management


Enjoy personalized appointments and all-encompassing dental care from top-rated practitioners who treat you like family, in a relaxing environment.

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Access our extensive network of amazing health practitioners, including neuro-chiropractors, osteopaths, speech pathologists and more practitioners.

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