Dr Richard Hu

Dr Richard Hu

BSc MCB (UC Berkeley) BDent Honours (Sydney)

North Melbourne and North Balwyn

Dr Richard Hu grew up in California, USA. He was a microbiologist, who graduated with a Bachelor in Molecular Cell Biology, majoring in Genetics and Minor Immunology, from the University of California Berkeley. He then migrated to Australia in 2004, and became a dentist, graduating from the University of Sydney with Honours.

He was an active microbiologist in the field of genetics during The Human Genome Project, where he developed a keen interest in the role genes play in the course of human development.

2008 was the first year that Dr. Richard began to manage patients through orofacial myofunctional dentistry. He has since focused this thirst for knowledge towards helping patients of all ages grow out of many dentofacial development and myofunctional issues. He has now restricted his practice to early intervention orofacial myofunctional orthodontics.

Dr Richard is also now a proud father of a cheeky little girl who also happens to face similar orofacial myofunctional issues that parents often bring their own kids to see him for.

He has an infectious, child-like energy that is relatable to the young-at-heart and is passionate about sharing his wealth of experience to improve the lives of those around him.


The Myofunctional Centre is a COVID Safe practice, following all the guidelines and regulations by the Victorian Government.