Dalena Dang

Miss Dalena Dang

BOH (Melbourne)

North Balwyn

Since graduating with a ‘Bachelor of Oral Health’ Degree from the University of Melbourne in 2013, Dalena has had experience working in dental practices as an Oral Health Therapist.

Working as a Dental Hygienist, she enjoyed helping patients achieve and maintain their long-term dental health goals through oral hygiene education and by providing preventative gum health treatments. As a Dental Therapist, she was able to diagnose and treat dental diseases in children and adolescents all the while promoting positive attitudes to oral health care.

After completing numerous continuing professional development courses, she started to assist dentists in managing patients with dental alignment and bite problems through the use of fixed braces and clear aligners. One of the challenges that she faced early on was the reoccurring issue of dental relapse after orthodontic treatment. She was perplexed as to why the treatment results were unstable and why some patients required orthodontic treatment numerous times.

It wasn’t until she was introduced to the world of Orofacial Myology that she started to find answers. This field of knowledge explained how muscular functions influence how the bony structures develop and are maintained. It was the study of the structure and action of these orofacial muscles (namely the tongue, lips and cheeks) and the understanding of their impact on facial and jaw growth which enabled Dalena to later be proficient in evaluating and managing orofacial muscular dysfunctions.

However, it wasn’t until Dalena joined The Myofunctional Centre that she was able to nurture her passion for Orofacial Myology and Early Intervention Orthodontics, combining her love for preventative care, children’s dentistry and orthodontics.

As an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist, Dalena teaches tongue, lip and cheek exercises in order to improve muscle tone as well as establish healthy breathing and swallowing patterns. Having completed further training through the Australian Academy of Orofacial Myology, the Myofunctional Research Centre and under renowned Orofacial Myologist, Sandra Coulson, and Myofunctional Therapist, Sarah Hornsby, Dalena has gained a specialised skillset to work alongside our dentists in helping patients reach their treatment goals.

With a passion for social services and health promotion, Dalena has previously volunteered with the Tzuchi International Medical Association, where she worked to provide dental care to refugees. She has also delivered numerous oral health promotion programs at childcare centres and schools.

She has boundless positive energy and loves to make things fun, her hope is that all her patients enjoy the journey to get their muscles and bodies stronger and healthier.


The Myofunctional Centre is a COVID Safe practice, following all the guidelines and regulations by the Victorian Government.