Mouth breathing

Mouth breathing affects tongue posture as the tongue drops down low to allow air to flow over the top of it. This creates narrow jaws and a high palate. It is very unhealthy for children as well as adults, to mouth breathe.

On the other hand, nose breathing allows slowing of the air flow to enable a more healthy volume of air resulting in a better carbon dioxide and oxygen balance. This allows for better cellular oxygenation. Every cell in the body needs adequate oxygenation and the way we achieve that naturally is by nose breathing.

Nose breathing also allows for warming, filtering and humidifying of the air, so is much better for the immune system. In addition, the air has the chance to be mixed with nitric oxide formed in the sinuses. When taken through the nose, the air is turned into the perfect gaseous mix for our bodies since nitric oxide helps to keep the airways patent and also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. When you mouth breathe these benefits do not happen.

Use it or lose it! If the nose isn’t working ideally, with constant slow air flow moving in and out, the airways can become inflamed and blocked easily. Infections such as sinusitis, or ear infections can be the result. Over the long term this can lead to more serious airway issues such as enlarged adenoids and tonsils and blocked ears needing grommets. If your nose isn’t working properly the immune system isn’t working effectively and mucous isn’t properly cleared, the stagnant mucous can lead to further blockage and even more mouth breathing.


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